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My name is Sienna Ross, I am a student of life. I attend the Waco Police Academy for teenagers. My brother and I have stood by long enough watching the news on gun violence, especially in schools. My brother asked me one time “What can we do to help to make a difference and to stop these senseless acts of violence?” I told him that we are going to start with a GoFundMe, we are going to do exactly what George Bush senior ex-president did, he implemented metal detectors, two-way mirrors, and hand-held wands into the airports, globally.

Hear our plea, help us raise money to install metal detectors, 2-way mirrors, and hand-held wands in schools to protect young kids, students, teachers, and people that go into schools. We pledge $1,000 of our own money to help this process get started. My brother, Sebastian Ross, is 16 years old, and he has already pledged $500 of his own money, I pledged another $500, a total of $1,000 to help this process get started. Please help. Thank you for your time.

My brother and I both feel that metal detectors, 2-way mirrors, and hand-held wands will mitigate the number of people who can walk into the schools with a loaded gun, rifle, or any weapons to inflict harm on themselves or someone else. Our cause is also helping with mental illness awareness.

These are some of the recent horrific mass shootings:

Elementary schools

(2022 Uvalde, Robb Elementary School Shooting 19 fatalities, 17 injured)


(2022 Chesapeake Shooting 7 fatalities, 4 injured)

Birthday parties

(2023 Dadeville Shooting 4 fatalities, 32 injured)

(2023 Private Christian Elementary School 6 fatalities 1injured)

And now the violence has spread to local malls where people go to enjoy their summer break and fun time off with family and friends.

(2023 Allen Premium Outlets Shooting 8 fatalities, 7 injured)


Our personal letter from President Joe Biden

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Where your donations are going

“Donate,Help Keep Students And Teachers Safe", is a non-profit organization. We appreciate every donate that is made towards keeping our schools safe. This is a layout of exactly where your donations are being put towards.

Metal Detectors in ALL schools.

The average Metal Detector cost $4,000-$5,000 to install. We feel Metal Detectors are a MUST. It will work as a deterrent to students or visitors planning to harm themselves or others.

Handheld Metal Detectors.

Similarly to the Metal Detector, we recommend schools and the proper staffing use both. It will be able to detect a weapon or object of any sort that does not belong.

Uvalde Memorial with eternal flame.

Like the eternal flame that burns at the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta, we would like a eternal flame for the loved ones and victims of the Uvalde shooting, along with a metal plaque with all of their names and benchs for vistors to sit.

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Sienna and Sebastian Ross spoke about their cause and why they feel Metal Detectors should be in EVERY school globally. As well as introducing their new children’s book, Taylor’s Rules For Preventing School Shootings. They will be donating 200 copies of the book to schools in their area.

(from left to right) Sebastian Ross, Principal Wilbourn & Sienna Ross

Sebastian and Sienna Ross visited one of their old elementary schools, Ben Milam, to speak to the children about Gun Safety. As well as donate Hand Held Metal Detector Wands and five of their children’s books to their gracious school.

Ben Milam Elementary

Sam Houston Elementary

(from left to right) Sienna Ross, Principal Belton

& Sebastian Ross

Sebastian and Sienna Ross visited another one of their childhood elementary schools, Sam Houston, to teach a Breaking Free technique, donate a hand held metal detector wand and donate six of their children’s books to their terrific school.

(from left to right) Sienna Ross, Major Taylor

& Sebastian Ross

Sebastian and Sienna Ross attended the Waco Police Academy for Teenagers and spoke with the amazing Major Taylor about their books and nonprofit organization.

Major James E. Taylor

(from left to right) Sebastian Ross, Sienna Ross, Assistant Victoria Mathis, Mayor Jaylen Smith

Sebastian and Sienna Ross flew to Earle, Arkansas to have a sit down with Mayor Jaylen Smith, to speak about getting Metal detectors in ALL schools and bringing awareness for gun violence.

Mayor Jaylen Smith

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